hey. so, i haven't had much motivation to work on this site. fun fact: i only found out about neocities because i was looking for a *good* alternative to linktree, and after watching some wordpress tutorial, i decided i'd just make this myself. and that's how i got here. i was initially hoping for this to be more personal. i'd planned on making a blog, making an introduction for myself, a page for all social medias, a page for all my characters, etc. basically, just a place all for me. but here's the problem: first of all, i can't get anything done. ever. and when i finally do something, i delete it later because i get worried people will look at it. on a public website. yes, i'm a massive hypocrite. second of all, i can't code or do anything. i wanted for this to be a really cool blog, but it was tiring having to write directly into the html file everytime i had something in mind. there's probably some cool script or something but i honestly can't find it so i've decided to keep it as simple as possible. no more sporatic name changes, my pseudonym is nimbostrata, period. (imightchangeitbecauseitsoundslikesomeoneelseonherebutimtryingnottobothertoomuch) twitter, aka my main residence. i have and i will say some stupid shit on there, so be warned. anyways, i'm gonna put off working on this website until god knows when.